First steps with Werkzeit

Great to see that you want to test Werkzeit - we are happy to have you on board! Trust us, work time recording has never been so easy. To make sure that you can start right away, we will take the first steps with you:

  1. In case you haven't done so already, first register in the web app: and create your company in the settings.
  2. Next, create your employees and assign them the desired permissions:
    • Read: Your employee can view their working hours, but cannot edit them themselves.
    • Book: Your employee can log in and out by himself.
    • Book with correction: Your employee can log in and out and correct incorrect bookings on their own.
    • Personnel Management: Your employee can log themselves in and out and correct incorrect bookings. Furthermore, the employee can see all working hours of other employees and is able to correct them.
    • Administration: Your employee has all available rights and can therefore create employees, edit the settings and view and correct all working hours
  3. Following this, you create the respective employment contracts for your employees:
    • Weekly working hours
    • Vacation days
    • Monday - Friday? Or is there perhaps a day on which your employee is always off work? Such info can be entered here directly, making sure it's always evident for future planning.
  4. In the settings you now have the possibility to create groups and add your employees to these groups, e.g. sales, back office, project management, entire team, etc. This option is particularly helpful to filter or evaluate individual teams. Employees can also be assigned to multiple groups.
  5. Now download the Board App from the App Store, the central contact point in the company:
    • Werkzeit Board for iOS
    • Werkzeit Board for Android
      Log in with your admin account, then proceed to settings and choose, which groups you would like to be displayed on the board. If you have created several locations as different groups, you can choose the right group for your current location to be displayed on the board.
  6. Your employees can now download the mobile app if needed, with which they can log on and off and specify break times, regardless of their location. To login, your employees need the email address and the corresponding password with which you created their profile.

That's it! If you would like to create a new working time account in the future or adjust the employment contracts of existing employees, just check back in here. Have a good time!