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To use Werkzeit, all you need to do is register and get started. The interface can be operated intuitively, and processes can be configured individually to suit your personal requirements.


Werkzeit assumes managing your accounts, while employees record their working times independently. Overtime is automatically calculated, holidays and vacations are directly taken into account.

Legal compliance

Werkzeit supports you in complying with the statutory working and break times. The app also assumes documentation obligations according to §17 of the German Minimum Wage Act.


Data protection is important to us, therefore Werkzeit stores all data with the highest security standards. Your data is optimally protected and subject to German data protection regulations.

Real-time overview

Werkzeit Board is the central point of contact in your company or department, where employees can tap in and out, and also record their breaks. Different departments or locations can be displayed as groups, so that you will keep the overview even in larger companies.
 At the same time, the tablet app is a digital status overview, which lets you know at first sight who is currently present. Werkzeit keeps all applications synchronized, so that even break times or absences are transmitted in real time.

Record working and break times

Tap in, go on break, tap out. With one click in Werkzeit you can record your working times and keep track of your time account. Your data is stored securely and only authorized users can view it at any time.

The Werkzeit app for iOS- and Android devices is particularly useful for field service, customer visits or meetings, as it allows you to make all bookings even while on the move.

Evaluate and manage

With Werkzeit the evaluation of working time accounts becomes child’s play. Overtime is calculated automatically, while vacation and public holidays will be considered separately. This allows both personnel department and employees to keep an eye on their working time accounts. All data can be exported into the usual formats at any time.
 For each employee, weekly working hours can be flexibly defined to the day. When altering an employment contract, old data is retained and the new working time will be taken into account from a specified point in time.


Available everywhere and for all devices

Werkzeit is available on several devices: the online platform is accessible from any browser, the tablet app can be used as a terminal for employees, and on smartphones you can comfortably log in or record break times on the go. The desktop app automatically sends you notifications to remind you of your breaks.

Assignment of different user rights and roles

Different user rights only enable access to permitted data. This allows you to determine exactly whether, for instance, employees have the right to correct false entries using the correction function.
Data of fellow employees usually remains hidden and can only be accessed by authorized users.

Integrated vacation management

Vacation entitlements are automatically calculated based on the employment contract. Personnel management can also enter various leave types, such as recovery leave or special leave. Employees can immediately see how much leave they are entitled to, how much they have already taken, and how much is still available.

Flexible export interface and subscriptions

For extended evaluation, all data can be exported in Excel or CSV format. This eliminates the need for manual transfer to Excel tables, and additionally enables you to store data separately or prepare it for further processing. Furthermore, you can subscribe to different calendars, for example personal or team calendars.

Display different groups

Different departments or locations can be organized and displayed in groups. Especially in larger companies, this simplifies the login process, and helps you keep the overview.

Overview of capacities

HR can access an overview of available working time resources. It displays planned hours of selected employees for an arbitrary period of time, taking planned absences into account.

Correction of bookings 

Thanks to Werkzeit's automatic notifications, you should never forget a booking again. If it still happens, you can easily add breaks or correct false bookings using the correction function.

No installation required

To use Werkzeit, no installation is necessary. Employees can access the application directly via browser to log on and off, go on break, or check their data.

"Werkzeit has made it much easier for us to evaluate our employees' overtime. Incorrect bookings have decreased noticeably."
Christian Drenckhahn, Laroid

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